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Post  winlog on Mon Mar 25, 2013 11:10 am

From now, you can share your routes quality parameters directly from IXC billing to IXC forum. Lets describe it step-by-step.
Step 1. Forum registration
You need to register on IXC Forum - http://forum.ixc.ua . Please, remember your user name and password (you can find it on your mail too)
Step 2. User settings on IXC billing
Open your IXC billing and go to Security tools section and Configure users permissions link. Click on Edit on the left from user name you want to add sharing option.
You will see new menu option Configure forum access in the end of the user settings menu. Please, fill the fields with Forum user name and password from Step 1 and click GO.
Step 3. Route offering sharing
When you will see Full financial report, the new column “Post to Forum” will given with checkbox. Check it if you want shares this route.
The list to the page end in browser and you will able to see new button “Send to forum”
By click on it, the window with featured post appears. All data are editable (see the red frames on the image). Click on it to edit.

By click on “Send” button all shared data will be sent to forum and you will see previous screen with report and alerting about posting.
Here is your post with offer on IXC forum:
Note: You can use the same forum login and password for all users on the billing to post on forum or create personal forum user names and passwords for each user on the billing.
That’s so easy to make offers from now with IXC billing and forum posting feature with simple 3 steps!


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